The minimum investment is typically $100,000 for our private Lenders and Equity Partners. Our capital partners can also invest with their 401(k) or IRA (please ask us how).

All capital partners will receive updates, and depending on the type of capital partner they join Prosperity CRE as, their cash flow distributions are made monthly, quarterly, annually or distributions/interest payments are accrued until the sale or refinance of the property.

Our investments aren’t for everyone and we are SEC compliant, so if you are interested in learning more about the Real Estate Partnership Opportunity or would like to see the deals we are currently working on, please fill out the quick form below to receive updates on specific investment opportunities through Prosperity CRE.

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Prosperity CRE is looking for capital partners interested in receiving a 20%+ average annual return by investing in Commercial Real Estate in high growth, emerging markets throughout the US.


Prosperity CRE was formed in 2017 by Zach Winner and Mark A. Rios. Zach and Mark have over 30 years in combined real estate investment experience.

Prosperity CRE’s mission is to help their clients create wealth and achieve financial independence. Zach and Mark achieve this mission by providing ongoing education on commercial real estate investment, and through exclusive opportunities to invest in cash flowing investments that meet Prosperity CRE’s rigorous investment criteria.


This is not a Security. The information provided herein is not intended to be for the purposes of soliciting a Security under State or Federal regulations. This information is intended to give the private investor alternatives to stock market investments, but is not intended to be a solicitation of a Security under SEC rules and definitions. This is intended to be a private borrowing transaction. Please read our FULL Disclaimer here