Why Invest in Kansas City?

Photo courtesy of CBRE “Why Kansas City Report 2019

Prosperity CRE takes a data-driven approach to identifying the strongest markets in the country for multifamily investments. If you’ve watched our popular Multifamily Investment Webinar, you’ll know that we look at over 20 data points to identify the strongest markets in the US.

Some of the statistics we analyze include population, population growth, net migration, diverse employment growth with a focus on STEM-related jobs, wage growth, low unemployment, low cost of living, and whether the market is a gateway city for national and international transportation. In essence, we’re looking for strong growth metrics that support ongoing rental growth and high occupancy rates in apartment complexes.

One of the top markets in the country for investing in multifamily real estate is Kansas City. Below is a compilation of infographics, courtesy of CBRE, that highlight many of the Kanas City’s strong metrics.

Kansas City is a Diverse and Growing Metropolis

Kansas City is one of the Top STEM-Related Economies in the Nation

Kansas City STEM-Economy Includes Biosciences & One of the Largest Animal Health Science Sectors in the County

Kansas City Has a Large and Expanding Industrial Economy

International Corporations are Expanding in Kansas City

Kansas City has Local, National and International Accessibility through Multiple Modes of Transportation

Kansas City is One of the Best Places to Live in the US, Supporting Ongoing Population Growth

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