Unlock Your Golden Handcuffs

If you’re a doctor, dentist, lawyer, engineer, or other well-educated professional, you’ve likely spent years in college and graduate school earning your degree and learning your craft. And you’ve been handsomely rewarded with a steadily increasing six figure income.

But along with the steadily increasing income, you may also be experiencing “lifestyle creep” of steadily increasing expenses…a new family, a new home, new cars, more expensive vacations. Before you know it, you’re bound in Golden Handcuffs. You need your high-paying J-O-B to pay for your high cost of living.

Physicians are taught how to treat their patients’ ailments. Lawyers are taught how to advocate on behalf of their clients. Engineers are taught how to design and build new programs, machines and structures. Unless you’ve gone to business school, chances are you did not receive any financial education as part of your degree.

And you may not be effectively investing for your financial future. How many more years until you can retire?

Through passive investments in commercial real estate you can create multiple streams of cash flow to replace your current income. And if you invest through a retirement account, your ongoing cash flow and profits are tax Tax-Free or Tax-Deferred.

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