John Han

Investor Relations; Outreach Partner
John has been an active leader in the commercial real estate industry since 2012 with experience in transactions totaling over $35,000,000.
John Han
Key Partner of Prosperity CRE

John brings his investor relations and client outreach skills to the Prosperity CRE team.

Deep Real Estate Experience

John currently owns over 136 units of multifamily

Investor Cultivation and Education

John joined Voit, the large Southern California commercial real estate brokerage and advisory as Vice president.


John has been active leader involved in the commercial real estate industry since 2012 including acquisition, leasing, and investments in multiple markets. He has experience in multifamily and commercial real estate transactions over $35,000,000 in volume. His current portfolio includes apartment communities in multiple states totaling 136 units.

His focus is to assist investors/business owners to acquire solid real estate with value-add potential. Currently, he serves as managing principal of Valuegate Investment Partners specializing in property acquisition and capital raise.

John recently joined Voit Real Estate Services a privately held, broker owned Southern California based commercial real estate firm that has been providing strategic property solutions for clients since 1971. Throughout 48-year history, the Voit Real Estate Services has completed more than 50 billion in brokerage transactions encompassing more than 47,500 deals.