Data-Driven Investments in Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate

Strategic investments based on decades of real estate, financial, business
and legal experience

Passive Income

A more diversified and balanced approach to real estate investing by building a portfolio of passive, fractional ownership investments

Wealth Building

The compounding effect of commercial real estate cash flow along with tax deferment strategies help grow your wealth exponentially.

Financial Freedom

Take advantage of leverage, economies of scale and tax benefits to achieve your goals of long-lasting financial independence

Real Estate vs. Stocks

We’re a private real estate investment firm that’s committed to helping our clients build wealth through quality investments in commercial real estate.

Being able to add real estate to a stock or bond portfolio – especially if able to diversify across markets – provides much-needed diversification to almost every investor.

Our expertise is exclusively focused on investing in cash-flowing commercial properties nationwide, with a focus on multifamily apartment complexes.

By following a defined and focused strategy, we avoid investment distractions and maximize our ability to enhance the long-term value of our portfolio properties.

Disclaimer: Real estate return data is from the NCREIF Property Index (NPI Index), while S&P return data is from Yahoo Finance. Real estate return data should not be used to estimate returns of Prosperity CRE investments. While the NCREIF Property Index (NPI Index) represents the total return for private commercial real estate properties (across multiple asset types) held for investment purposes, all Prosperity CRE investments are private commercial real estate investments and can vary in performance.


A diversified investment portfolio that includes commercial real estate has a stabilizing effect on stock and bond investment portfolios, by enhancing returns while decreasing risk.

Free Webinar on
Investing in Commercial Multifamily for Cash Flow and Long-Term Wealth

Commercial Real Estate investing is one of the greatest wealth-building tools. It’s potential to deliver cash flow and large profits can transform your wealth. But you’ve got to know how to invest wisely. In this free intro webinar, we discuss several of the criteria that we look at for our research-based approach to commercial multifamily investing.

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